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Who says you can’t grow a pineapple here?

November 1, 2006

A lot of people think you can't grow pineapples in Kansas. They're mostly right, but with three years of perseverance and patience, Linda Holmes, Bonner Springs, grew a pineapple plant that produced an apple-sized fruit.

Holmes said she did it by cutting the top off a store-bought pineapple and putting it in the ground. Her husband, Gary, had tried the same seven years ago and the plant never produced. Gary Holmes died Nov. 31, 2002, almost four years to the day before Linda Holmes removed the pineapple from the plant..

"I feel like I made his dream come true," Holmes said.

Holmes said she kept the plant inside during the winters and left it outside in the summer.

"We're anxious to try it," she said.

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