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Sentiments of Christmas season appropriate for whole year

December 18, 2008

Every Christmas, I buy myself a Christmas present early in the season. It’s selfish of me, I know, but how else will I get just what I want to listen to during Advent? I add to my growing collection of CDs.

This year, I bought a wonderful new album featuring performances by world famous classical cello player Yo-Yo Ma and selected musical friends. It is called “Songs of Joy and Peace,” and it makes me feel those states of being as I listen to it.

Although the music is well suited for the season, there aren’t many examples of what most of us think of as traditional Christmas music. Yo-Yo Ma is well known for his eclecticism in music, and this album is highly representative of his tastes. It is a collection which I may well listen to during other times of the year.

Sometimes, I wonder why some of the generosity and joy we radiate at Christmas time can’t be appropriate other times of the year. Christmas festivities certainly break up the cold and darkness associated with late December.

My children have always loved the holiday so much. I have designated my daughter a Christmas tyrant because she has always insisted on all the trappings including a Christmas morning opening of gifts. She inherited her grandmother’s love of the season, and her Grandmother Helen’s spirit seems to join us a little bit during the day of Christmas.

It seems that we all can reach into our pockets to help others have a great Christmas. Our area agency, Vaughn-Trent Charity, helps those in need of basic life sustenance.

Recently, volunteers filled 240 huge banana boxes with groceries to make Christmas merrier for those in need. It’s hard to feel peaceful and joyous when you or your children are hungry. So, with the help of many in the community a few families get to eat enough for a while.

However, we must remember that people must eat every month of the year, and some of the coldest, darkest days await us during the winter months on the other side of Christmas.

The only way that our world will have lasting peace is if each individual person learns to take care of others by making sure that each and every one of us has enough to basic sustenance.


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