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Saving ‘gizmo’ was worth it

January 22, 2009

We were talking about widgets, gadgets and gizmos lately; the kind you find in your junk drawer in the kitchen, stashed on the corner of a desk or dropped down inside a box or jar. You don’t know what it is, but you are quite sure that if you throw it away, you will surely need it. So you keep it, for years even.

I had one that was a little metal c-shaped object with a screw like object in one side and wrapped in scotch tape. I kept it for years in a desk drawer, and every so often, I would run onto it while I was usually looking for something else. I’d wonder what it was and turn it over with careful examination and think about throwing it away. But I always put it back until another time when I would repeat the same process.

It was stuck in a drawer with a little box that contained a 1974 Kennedy half dollar, a Sunday school attendance pin, a commemorative pin from the Olympics in Salt Lake, a soap box from a hotel in Paris, a stack of business cards, greeting cards from Susan Komen foundation for cancer research, finger nails clippers, a box of staples and a few other odds and ends.

It was an object in good company, so I moved it around in the drawer from time to time but left it alone for the most part. Recently, my old paper hole punch needed replacing, so I went to Office Max to find a two-hole paper punch.

I couldn’t find a two-hole paper punch. What I did find was a three-hole paper punch that you remove one of its little gizmos and you have a two-hole paper punch.

I was sitting at my desk trying to figure out how to remove the c-shaped gizmos when it occurred to me that the little c-shaped, metal object looked familiar.

You guessed it. I opened my desk drawer and found the little object that had nested so nicely in my drawer for more than a decade. It was the third little gizmo that I, or someone, had removed to make a two hole punch out of a three-hole punch those many years ago. The punch had worn out, and the little piece was as new as the day it was made.

After I removed the c-shaped object from the new punch, I wrapped it in tape and put it in the drawer with the little object already there, kind of like siblings all nestled in my desk drawer. At least now I know what the object is and have an extra if I ever want to convert my two-hole punch back into a three-hole punch. What a relief.


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