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Puppy’s sudden death leaves witnesses in disbelief

April 15, 2010

It was as cruel and inhumane of any act that I never saw. I did not see the act itself.

I was, as it were, between heart beats; that’s how quickly it occurred.

It was a lovely spring day with jonquils in full bloom, nodding in the cool breezes that graced the afternoon. The grasses were a deepening green and the magnolias were opening their lavender and white blossoms. It was a day when the spirit rises with the fullness of life.

A young dog, glossy coated brown and white, lured no doubt by a long car ride and the grassy terrace, bolted from the back of the car and sniffed about as his owner began unpacking the car. I watched the dog and was reminded of Lassie — that border collie that so many of my generation came to love and know as a constant companion of his young tousled-head owner.

I half expected to see a young, blonde headed boy pop over the horizon, in the bloom of youth and promise of good things to come. It was not, however, a boy, but a truck that popped over the horizon, full throttle and in total disregard of anything in its path.

I had thought to call the dog back from the terrace but thought better of it in that bountiful spring day that should be taken in by child and dog alike. I went into the house to change over the laundry. I came back to admire the young pup and found him lying motionless in the middle of the intersection, in a pool of blood. From running, sniffing, taking in the world, to silent, motionless, leash lying on the ground, head at an odd angle.

A white truck barreled over the hill as most vehicles do on the arterial roads in this community, crashed into the dog, sped up and fled the scene. Between heart beats, the loved pet lie dead in the street, a callous and careless driver disappearing into the twilight.

We gathered around the still and silent pet, a widening pool of blood. We shook our heads in disbelief. Who would do such a thing? Was it a random act of carelessness, or another example of incivility that seems to permeate our society?

The body of the young pup was gathered up and carried away and the pool of blood washed from the street. Somewhere in the broken night is a truck driver, whose act of carelessness oozes out into the air like the circle of blood, tainting all that it touches.

Such disregard is a crack in the vessel of humanity, leaving one feeling vulnerable and wounded, wondering again whether such behavior is a random act of violence or a thread of disregard for others that seems to increasingly weave its way into the fabric of our lives. What if it were a child, instead of a pet. What then?


David Streit 10 years, 2 months ago

It's terrible the puppy had to die, but it's even more terrible that people aren't responsible pet owners.

The random act of carelessness you speak of falls on the shoulders of the pet owner. Rae, you claim you didn't see what happened, so it's very likely that this dog darted out in front of the vehicle.

I tire quickly of people that think they can let their dogs run free, especially in areas that have leash laws. On one occasion, I had to beat off two loose dogs with an oak branch that had pinned a little 4 year-old neighbor girl into a corner of my garage.

In that same summer I had to fend off a loose dog growling at my 3 year-old son, who was secured in a stroller.

Lesson learned, Rae: Enjoy your damn spring days with a leash or put up a friggin fence, and own up to your responsibility.


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