Bonner mayor returns to hospital

July 12, 2010

Clausie Smith

Clausie Smith

Though he was expected to preside over Monday night’s Bonner Springs City Council meeting for the first time since suffering a small vessel stroke in May, Mayor Clausie Smith spent the evening back at the hospital.

During a workshop prior to the meeting, city manager John “Jack” Helin told council members Smith had been asked by doctors to remain at the hospital during a Monday morning check up. “Nothing’s happened to him,” Helin said of Smith, but he said doctors had wanted to keep him at the hospital for observation after a check up of his lungs.

City Council President Jeff Harrington described the hospital stay as a “small little set back,” suggesting Smith’s second time around at the hospital was nothing serious and was simply a cautionary measure.

• Additional updates of Smith’s condition can be found in the July 15 issue of The Chieftain.

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