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Letter to the editor: Leavenworth County commissioners need to listen about airpor

September 2, 2010

To the editor:

I see that the Leavenworth County commissioners aren't listening to their constituents about not wanting an airport in Leavenworth County.

The commission was delivered a valid petition in person by Irene Tork, who had put in many hours to get the signatures needed to stop the further spending of our tax dollars for an airport study that we don't want or need. Even though the Federal Aviation Administration is sending $149,320 to fund a major portion of the site study, where do they think the FAA got the money for the grant? As always, it's from the taxpayers. Our government still hasn't been able to grasp the idea we need to quit spending money we don't have. And of course there's the $50,000 still needed to be spent from our local tax dollars.

Here's an idea. Put the question of “Do the voters really want an airport study done?” on the ballot this November. Then, if the voters say “no,” we won't be out any money.

I feel that if any politician from either party is interested in what's best for our country and the taxpayers, they would be doing everything possible to quit spending tax dollars on anything new and reduce our national and state deficits to zero and stay on a balanced budget.

I pray they hear the voters and change before this country is bankrupt. If not, they will probably be the next in a long line of politicians who will be fired at the voting booth!

John R. Foley



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