Letters: USD 204 bus fees too high

August 18, 2011

To the editor:

I understand there is a new policy in place this year for the school district. If you live within 2.5 miles from the school you attend, there is an extra $100 fee just to ride the bus. The school district shows my granddaughter, who is in kindergarten this year, lives 2.4 miles from school.

She lives on 94th street in Edwardsville and will be attending Edwardsville Elementary. As you know it is all rural area out there. No school crossing at each intersection, no sidewalks to walk safely on, no way at all for any child, regardless of age, to walk to or from school.

I am really disappointed in the decisions of the school board and the new policies they have decided to put on the safety of all our kids. What do the families living in these rural areas do that don’t have the extra $100 per child?

Jerry Sullivan

Kansas City, Mo.

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