Wyandot director honored with Sunflower Fellowship

January 6, 2011

Mark Wiebe, Wyandot Inc. public affairs director, has been named to the third class of the Sunflower Foundation Advocacy Fellowship. Wiebe will go through the program with leaders from 14 other non-profit agencies across the state.

The Sunflower Foundation, a Topeka-based charitable health care organization, funds the fellowship that includes six programs over the course of a year, including a trip to Washington, D.C.

Wiebe joined Wyandot Inc. in 2009, after spending 14 years as a reporter for The Kansas City Star.

At Wyandot, which includes the designated mental health center for Wyandotte County, Wiebe has overseen the advocacy and public policy efforts of the organization with more than 500 employees. In that role, he coordinated the Kansas City area’s campaign to pass Kansas Amendment No. 2, a measure to protect the voting rights of people with mental illness.

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