Letter to the editor: Thank Bonner's mayor

July 7, 2011

To the editor:

Being a veteran and born on the Fourth of July, I still get goose bumps when I hear the national anthem.

During Thursday night’s Bonner Blast celebration, Mayor Clausie Smith reading from our nation’s founding documents and the inflection he voiced was the best tribute to our country I have ever heard. This was at the band concert, part of the event at Kelly Murphy Park.

The Bonner Springs City Band is a treasure everyone should enjoy during the summer.

I am a little envious of Mayor Smith because he can write so well. He reminds me of Mark Twain, Will Rogers and Garrison Keillor. His homespun style is unique.

You may not always agree with the mayor, but he has looked after the interest of our town and worked hard to keep it better in Bonner. When you see him, tell him thanks.

George Cooper

Bonner Springs

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