Letter to the editor: Lost and found

June 23, 2011

To the editor:

Read the recent article about Jay Smith of Bonner Springs (June 16 Chieftain) who connected the dots to get a man his class ring back after 45 years.

Well, this same Jay Smith helped me, too. I am from Wichita and was attending the spring race at the Kansas Speedway in June when I evidently left my cell phone on the bumper of the truck after taking some pictures. The next day, before leaving Kansas City, I noticed it was missing. We went to the Speedway and could not find it. We went home upset. That very evening, through a series of phone calls, Jay Smith had recovered my phone and we talked a couple times over that evening. He sent the phone back to me in the mail, and I was so very grateful.

Publish this so that anyone who loses something in the near future should lose it around Jay Smith — a good man, with a big heart who is very honest and lucky!

Thanks again, Jay Smith.

Dee Teinert


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