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Letter: City rank-and-file struggling

May 5, 2011

To the editor:

The city of Bonner Springs should be ashamed of itself. A very good friend of mine is a city employee. Along with my friend, the city employs many hard-working, dedicated employees that are not being treated fairly.

This year, nonsupervisory employees received a 1 percent raise. It is true that in today’s economy any raise is better than none. However, there are a couple of circumstances that make this raise unfair. First, an employee with a family will be paying $100 more a month for health insurance coverage. The insurance increase plus 1 percent raise equals an actual loss of wages.

Second, and perhaps the most disturbing, is that the city manager earns $103,000 per year plus a $600 per month car allowance (and he lives minutes from city hall).

What’s more, this man does not support raises for the average city worker. He has told city employees to not speak to any council members about the situation. He has told them not to attend council meetings to plead their cause.

It is disgusting that this man earns the wage he does while most city workers struggle to make ends meet. He’s just like the overpaid politicians in Washington: unwilling to take a pay cut himself yet cuts the income and benefits of the average worker.

Josey Estes



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