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Letter to the editor: Remembering Rep. Fund

May 10, 2011

Remembering Rep. Fund

To the editor:

May 2 was Day 4 of the Legislative Wrap-Up Session. Most of the Legislators started the day with a drive to Holton to attend the funeral services for a fellow legislator who passed away late last week after a long battle with cancer. Rep. Rocky Fund is sorely missed in Topeka, and we wanted share our respects with his family and district where he has been a very active member of his community.

We were met by the Patriot Guard, standing tall along the sidewalks to the church with their American flags flying. Rep. Fund served in Vietnam. As a fellow combat veteran, I am sure that he would have been pleased with the news Sunday night that the United States had finally brought Osama bin Laden to justice.

As I walked past the flags fluttering in the wind, I thought of the thousands of innocent people who have been killed by al-Qaida and those who gave their lives to defend us and to track this criminal down. I was reminded that in the last two weeks Kansas created a license plate for the “Families of the Fallen.”

It is also a sign to others intent on terror and the destruction of our freedoms that Americans work together and will not give up until justice is done. This should also be a reminder for ourselves as Americans and Kansans that we must all work together and not give up until we meet the issues of the day.

State Rep. Melanie Meier,



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