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All-Kaw Valley League football, boys soccer and volleyball teams

November 22, 2011


First team


Jake McCurry, senior, Lansing

Jimmy Bormolini, junior, Lansing

Martin Cervantes, senior, Bishop Ward


Jack Lopez, sophomore, Mill Valley

Matthew Briggs, senior, Tonganoxie

Gustavo Ruiz, senior, Turner


Dakota Foster, senior, Basehor-Linwood

Nate Mitchell, senior, Bonner Springs

Jake Nye, junior, Lansing

Oscar Acuna, senior, Turner


Collin Cook, senior, Piper


Austin Eagles, senior, Turner

Second team


Spencer Bush, senior, Bonner Springs

Matthew Saathoff, junior, Tonganoxie

Kelvin Ibarra, sophomore, Turner


Steven Coy, senior, Basehor-Linwood

Spencer Frank, junior, Bonner Springs

Andy Ericks, sophomore, Lansing


Riley Vomhof, junior, Mill Valley

Tony Vitale, senior, Mill Valley

Matt Cavlovic, senior, Piper

Marcus Titterington, senior, Tonganoxie


Keaton Truesdell, junior, Tonganoxie


R.J. Cawthon, senior, Piper

Honorable mention


Trey Kincheloe, junior, Basehor-Linwood

Lane Young, junior, Basehor-Linwood

Joey Davis, senior, Piper

Jeremy Wilson, sophomore, Piper


Zach Ferguson, freshman, Basehor-Linwood

Tyler Bartholomew, senior, Tonganoxie

Gabe Moran, junior, Turner

Louie Rebeck, senior, Bishop Ward


Zach Sawalich, junior, Basehor-Linwood

Bailey Weeks, freshman, Mill Valley

Tyler West, senior, Turner


Brett Steuart, senior, Bonner Springs

Russell Clark, senior, Basehor-Linwood


Marcas Box, senior, Basehor-Linwood

Jose Vega, senior, Bishop Ward


First team

Cara McCarty, senior, MB, Basehor-Linwood

Brandi Stahl, junior, S/OH, Basehor-Linwood

Megan Marquardt, senior, OH, Bishop Ward

Haley Hoffine, junior, S, Bonner Springs

Madison Scott, senior, MH, Bonner Springs

Lori Angello, senior, OH, Lansing

Bri Lozenski, junior, S, Lansing

Gabby Hacker, senior, MH, Lansing

Brittany Zarda, senior, DS, Mill Valley

Megan Woolley, sopomore., OH, Piper

Jenny Whitledge, junior, OH, Tonganoxie

Brooklyn Kerbaugh, senior, MH, Tonganoxie

Megan Hummelgaard, senior, L, Tonganoxie

Kailan Kuzmic, senior, OH, Tonganoxie

Honorable mention

Haley Waters, junior, DS, Basehor-Linwood

Lizzy Huey, junior, MB, Bishop Ward

Cassady Holloway, junior, L, Bonner Springs

Ashley Linaweaver, junior, L, Lansing

Sierra Miles, senior, L, Mill Valley

Hannah Billings, sophomore, S, Mill Valley

Cori Smith, senior, MB, Piper

Kathy Young, sophomore, OH, Turner




Ben Kamm, senior, OL, Basehor-Linwood

Michael Miller, senior, OL, Lansing

Am Worthy, junior, OL, Turner

Alex Shewmon, senior, OL, Basehor-Linwood

Coleman McCann, junior, OL, Mill Valley

Cletus Gilmore, junior, OL, Piper

Colin Murphy, senior, QB, Basehor-Linwood

J.J. Jackson, senior, RB, Bonner Springs

Jesse Hiss, junior, RB, Basehor-Linwood

Ben Johnson, junior, TE, Basehor-Linwood

Ryan Murphy, senior, WR, Basehor-Linwood

Stevie Williams, senior, WR, Bonner Springs

Nick Rodriguez, senior, PK, Turner


Kyler Dumler, sophomore, OL, Bonner Springs

Jesus Monarca, junior, OL, Bishop Ward

James Howey, senior, OL, Lansing

Knute Holden, junior, OL, Mill Valley

Colton Gatton, sophomore, OL, Mill Valley

Andrew Kump, junior, OL, Bishop Ward

Skyler Windmiller, junior, QB, Mill Valley

Nick Hughes, senior, RB, Lansing

Drew Potter, junior, RB, Basehor-Linwood

Matt McDonald, junior, RB, Piper

Jared Vogel, senior, TE, Piper

Wade Hanna, senior, WR, Mill Valley

Beau Soucie, senior, WR, Piper

Brad Brown, junior, PK, Lansing


Trevor Hickman, senior, OL, Basehor-Linwood

Joe Jerome, junior, OL, Mill Valley

Blake Pyles, senior, OL, Bonner Springs

Jordan Jackson, sophomore, QB, Bonner Springs

Ethan Rice, senior, TE, Mill Valley

L.J. Hatch, junior, WR, Mill Valley

Andrew Wesp, senior, PK, Mill Valley

Parker Miller, senior, PK, Piper



Zach Callahan, senior, DL, Mill Valley

Ben Johnson, junior, DL, Basehor-Linwood

Drew Potter, junior, DL, Basehor-Linwood

Caleb King, senior, DL, Piper

Jesse Hiss, senior, LB, Basehor-Linwood

Dalton Mellies, senior, LB, Basehor-Linwood

Julian Cole, senior, LB, Piper

Marcus Grant, senior, LB, Mill Valley

Justice Oehlert, senior, DB, Mill Valley

Tanner Garver, junior, DB, Basehor-Linwood

Litton Van Der Werff, senior, DB, Lansing

Nick Rodriguez, senior, P, Turner


Drew Hern, senior, DL, Bonner Springs

Drake Leger, junior, DL, Turner

Ryan Lynch, senior, DL, Tonganoxie

Michael Miller, senior, DL, Lansing

Nick Rodriguez, senior, LB, Turner

Mike Golubski, senior, LB, Bishop Ward

Colton Beebe, freshman, LB, Piper

Cameron Trout, senior, LB, Lansing

Matt Call, junior, LB, Bonner Springs

Daemon Franklin, senior, DB, Bonner Springs

Matt McDonald, junior, DB, Piper

Staton Rebeck, junior, DB, Mill Valley

Ben Johnson, junior, P, Basehor-Linwood


Cole Taylor, senior, DL, Lansing

Tyler Kruskamp, senior, DL, Turner

Jared Vogel, senior, P, Piper


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