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Letter: Skeptical of mayor’s intentions

November 22, 2011

To the editor:

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” is a quotation from Shakespeare's “Hamlet” and seems apropos considering what is happening in our town of Basehor.

An attempt is being made to recall the two council members who do their homework and watch the spending of our money. How convenient for the mayor. He gets to appoint their replacements (with the remaining council’s approval). Which relatives will he choose? He has two relatives on the council now, so with two more, the family could rule the city. Nepotism, anyone?

I can envision council meetings now. The mayor presents the agenda, which he has constructed. Four out of five council members rubberstamp it, and the meeting adjourns. Meetings would last 15 minutes at the most. Basehor goes further in debt, taxes go up to cover the deficit and all's well. Yeah, right!

Marilyn Townsend


Editor’s note: Basehor Mayor Terry Hill says he is not related by blood to anyone on the City Council. Council member Travis Miles is the son of Hill’s wife’s sister. Thus, Hill is Miles’ uncle by marriage. Miles' aunt is married to a brother of council member David Breuer. However, Hill says he is not related to Breuer, nor is he related to council members Iris Dysart, Fred Box or Council President Dennis Mertz.

The editor's note has been changed to clarify the relationship between Travis Miles and David Breuer.


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