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Montemayor: Keeping score, chasing perfection in the digital age

January 20, 2012, 12:15 p.m.

Updated: January 26, 2012, 12:00 a.m.

Around 7:15 p.m. last Thursday, I wanted to tell you that the Bonner Springs girls had opened an early 10-0 lead in the first quarter against Sumner Academy.

Earlier that day, I had promised to keep you posted on the girls basketball contest through updates on Twitter and our website.

But when I looked down at my iPad, it looked back much the same way a toy poodle would if you told it to fetch a duck from the lake. Similiarly, my iPhone was engaged in a profound act of introspection.


My wifi hot spot device’s only purpose would be as a hand warmer as it heated up a few degrees in its own forlorn search for service.

Reporters today have more journalistic firepower at their fingertips than ever before. The digital revolution is the most significant happening in journalism since the invention of the printing press.

This also translates to readers having more options of what they can read and how they can find news.

My hope is that we can bring you multiple, and engaging, ways to stay current on sports in your hometown.

Each week we’ll find a way to tell stories that will be fresh on this printed page and dynamic on our websites, and

Furthermore, game nights have presented a unique opportunity to record and report on an event as it happens. In Shawnee, we did this on Wednesday at a wrestling meet. We tweeted results as they happened, shot video of key matches and bundled it all together in a nice package.

You can find our Bonner Springs coverage on Twitter at @bonnersprings and our Basehor coverage at @basehorsentinel.

We’ll be using hashtags to further organize our social media sports coverage (#BonnerSports, #BasehorSports) so that you can search either phrase and find all the latest scores and updates in one stream.

But on Thursday, what firepower I had — a hulking MacBook Pro, an iPad and iPhone — was fresh out of ammo, relegated to standby mode in the recesses of the Bonner Springs High School gymnasium.

I sat there, poking, poking, poking, and cursing under my breath at my despondent devices. The machines had beaten the man.

So what did I do? I shifted my focus to the game at hand. I put everything but my camera and notebook away and watched the game.

The game is the one constant in all of this. Prior to tipoff, I had planned on using an iPad app to keep track of statistics. Without the app, Anna Deegan still led the team in scoring on her birthday, Yessenia Hernandez still forced two early turnovers in rapid succession. Clay Oakes’ girls still added another victory to their 9-0 record.

And the exits still smelled of hot dogs, the band still played The Party Rock Anthem and parents still clapped and hollered for their daughters.

But to steal a phrase Brett Favre once uttered on a voicemail, “I’m still trying.”

First thing I did when I returned to my car? I welcomed two shining beacons of hope in the form of two bars of cellphone service.

I tweeted.

“@bonnersprings: Birthday-girl Anna Deegan scored 18 en route to a 58-28 BSHS victory against Sumner Academy #BonnerSports.”

We’d later find out that Deegan actually scored 19 points, reaffirming the notion that be it a pencil and paper or fingertips and a touchscreen, when humans are involved, nothing is perfect.


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