Face to Face: Bonner school board member Patricia Welicky

Patricia Welicky, USD 204 Board of Education member and community volunteer. Enlarge photo

April 22, 2015

Name: Patricia Welicky

Birthplace: Kansas City, Kan., though Welicky was raised in Edwardsville and is a Bonner Springs High School grad

Family: Husband, Greg; children, Sasha and Joshua

Occupation: Community volunteer; USD 204 Board of Education member

Dream job as a child: Astronaut.

At the time, NASA had pretty strict vision requirements to become an astronaut.

“So my dreams were dashed in fourth grade when I got my glasses,” Welicky said.

Service: Welicky can be found volunteering all over town, for the PTO at Bonner Springs Elementary, at the National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame, with the Bonner Springs City Library and with the Bonner Springs Arts Alliance.

“I wanted to be a good-deed-doer when I saw the Wizard of Oz, and my family always volunteered, so I have, too,” Welicky explains. “Wherever there’s a need in the community, I try to fill it. But mostly when I volunteer, it has something to do with children.”

Digging deeper: Welicky’s vast community involvement recently led her to facilitate the BSAA becoming the new main sponsoring group for Marble Day, Bonner Spring’s annual family festival dedicated to old-fashioned outdoor games and activities.

Welicky first got involved a few years ago because she is the “keeper of the games” for the USD 204 PTOs. So she helped bring a few of the games to the event, while also bringing her children for the fun.

Last year, she was asked to join the Marble Day Committee and helped get the BSAA involved, supporting some of the games and activities in Centennial Park. This year, when it was determined that the event needed a new main sponsor, Welicky and the BSAA agreed to take it on, with help from the city’s public works and parks and recreation departments.

But Welicky said it was an event that was easy to support.

“I love it, I really love Marble Day,” she said. “It’s just a home town event, just getting out and seeing your fellow community members… For one day, you can just stop and take your kids down to play games like egg races and shoot marbles.

“I’m a kid at heart, so I just love having fun,” she added.

For this year’s event, set 9:30 a.m. to noon May 2, Welicky said the BSAA was going to bring back more fun obstacles to the Running of the Pinkies and was planning a few new things, like a photo booth.

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