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Improvements planned for Bonner High cafeteria

April 22, 2015

The Bonner Springs High School auditorium won’t be the only part of the school seeing significant upgrades this summer.

The USD 204 Board of Education Monday approved spending $100,385 of capital outlay funds on improvements to the school cafeteria, including new seating and stations with USB ports that would allow students to charge their cell phones. One goal of the improvements would be to increase student participation in the school lunch program.

“Our goal is to upgrade our high school, and that’s a piece of the puzzle,” Dan Brungardt, superintendent, said.

The contract was awarded to School Specialty, a company listed on the state’s vendor list as providing low costs, so the district did not have to use a bid process for the improvements. The first plan, which Brungardt called the “Cadillac model,” would have brought in all new tables and seating for about $138,000.

But Brungardt said the district hadn’t planned to spend that amount, so they reduced the cost by reusing eight of the cafeteria’s existing folding tables and 64 existing chairs. The remodeled cafeteria still would include seven fiberglass booths, five bar-height eating counters with 65 bar-height chairs, and 78 chairs for six 36-inch square tables and two community tables.

Brungardt said schools who have done similar improvements to their cafeterias have seen increased participation in the food service program.

Also related to BSHS improvements, the board officially approved new seating for the auditorium. Had the district refurbished the existing seats, the auditorium would have been reduced from 535 seats to 457 due to other improvements, such as “light boxes” around auditorium doors and new sound and light booths at the back of the auditorium.

The board had given preliminary approval for new seats but wanted to know how many more seats would be lost before final approval. They learned seating would be reduced to 445 chairs with the ADA-compliant configuration of new seats.

In other business, the board:

l Approved a 10-cent increase in meal and milk process as required by the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act to ensure the district has high enough balances to respond to increasing food costs. District officials reported that the district still has some of the lowest meal prices in the metropolitan area.

l Approved a proposal to combing the Kaw Valley Learning Center for adult diploma completion with the virtual school through Greenbush Service Center. A consequence of the state’s new block grant funding is a change in funding for virtual and diploma completion students, which has made having an actual building for the learning center unaffordable. Brungardt said the district would try to provide a room for tutoring sessions for students in the programs a few days a week somewhere in the district, perhaps at McDanield.

l Approved adoption of A.L.I.C.E. Crisis Response Protocol.

• Approved the purchase of middle school English language arts textbooks and professional development from Scholastic for $39,353.

• Approved computer purchases totaling $322,498 from the capital outlay fund.


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