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Searching for signs of Spring to end winter blues

February 23, 2015

By the last week in February most of us have had our fill of winter and are ready for spring. In my case, the older I get the more I strongly dislike winter with its bone chilling temperatures, sleet, snow and a variety of other woes. I mentioned this to a friend, and he added another problem – high heating bills.

Unfortunately winter means shoveling snow, scraping ice and hoping not to fall down on icy stretches. It is obvious I don’t like winter, and I am looking forward to spring. I have said this before – basketball and the Super Bowl make winter tolerable.

However there are sure signs that spring is just around the corner. While many believe the first harbinger of spring is seeing a robin or the early flowers poking through the frozen tundra, I have other sure signs. As far as flowers go, the deer usually nibble them before we can enjoy them anyway, especially tulips.

I believe that sports are a better indicator of spring. For example, the Kansas City Royals have started spring training in Surprise, Ariz. That surely means warmer weather is just around the corner. I guess the first day of spring is the initial radio broadcast of an exhibition game. Yes, it is means spring is about here.

Another “sports” sign that winter is winding down is that basketball season is coming to an end. Right now teams from high school to college are either preparing for or competing in tournaments. In a week or so, we will all be talking about March Madness and that means warming weather can’t be far behind.

Those who compete in spring sports are looking forward to the first meet or ball game. Winter has a way of making a comeback and freezing temperatures often accompany the first pitch or the first race of the high school season.

On the first warm day, many people jump the gun and start yard work a little too soon. Just when we think it is spring, winter has a habit of giving us a sneak punch. I believe another sure sign of the coming of spring is when you see seed and gardening supplies displayed in stores.

You have got to believe that spring isn’t far behind when advertising for Valentine’s Day is done, St. Patrick’s Day specials appear and catalogues promoting spring fashions make you feel that warm weather is just around the corner.

There are other signs, too. In this case I really mean signs. This April elections will be held for city council and school board members. Of course that means political signs will soon be sprouting in yards throughout the area. Normally, there are more signs than dandelions, another harbinger of spring. By the way, be sure you vote in the spring elections.

I’m sure that teachers can tell spring is coming and I imagine they are looking forward to spring break. Students often lose their enthusiasm for academics when spring arrives, and they begin counting the days until summer vacation begins.

No matter how you look at it, winter is, hopefully, on its last leg. But all of us need to remember that there can be heavy snow in March and April. Summer will soon be here and then we can complain about the heat and humidity. Of course, there will always be some misguided folks who wish for winter’s return.


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