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Edwardsville ‘halfway house’ residents relocate

June 17, 2015

Chief Mark Mathies of the Edwardsville Police Department Wednesday reported that individuals with sex-related offenses are no longer living in a house in an Edwardsville neighborhood.

Several residents attended the June 8 Edwardsville City Council meeting to ask the city if a halfway house was permitted in the city after they discovered that three registered sexual offenders and one other registered offender were living at a house in the 600 block of South Sixth Street. Mathies said the police department has now confirmed that the registered sex offenders have relocated.

"The remaining individual has expressed a desire to move out as soon as possible, however, will continue residing there," Mathies said.

Mathies said the Edwardsville Police Department worked diligently to partner with the Department of Corrections and the owner of the home, reported as High Way Ministries LLC, in order to resolve concerns of both the tenants and residents.

"Representatives from the Department of Corrections, in cooperation with the landlord, analyzed the issue and determined that both the location of the home near a park access and the concentration of children in the immediate area was perceivably not conducive to healthy and safe environment," Mathies said.

The DOC and landlord mutually decided that relocating the individuals with sex-related offenses was best, Mathies said, and in no manner were these individuals unlawfully forced from the home.


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