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Easter a clear favorite for hard-boiled egg fan

March 30, 2015

One of my happiest memories of Easter is the coloring and devouring of boiled eggs. I always loved coloring Easter eggs as a child and, later, as a parent. Now, with older grandchildren, it is something that has passed into family history.

First, let me point out that I have always been an egg lover. For most of the years that we owned The Chieftain, my lunch consisted of two boiled eggs and an apple. All that Easter did was give me a head start on preparing my lunch.

When the girls were little, the Saturday night before Easter, we would boil a dozen or so eggs and color them. We’d set up an assembly line at the kitchen table and dip the eggs in cups filled with colorful dye. If I remember correctly, a box of Easter egg dye came with a wire loop that was used to dunk the eggs. In addition, there were pictures that could be transferred to the eggs and something like a wax pencil for writing messages.

Of course, Easter Sunday was a very big day. Usually Jean would have created and sewed a new dress for each of the girls. They usually had new, white shoes and lacy socks and sometimes gloves. I think Jean gave up on gloves because getting them on small, non-cooperative hands was quite often difficult. The outfits were completed with a purse and a hat that usually didn’t stay on very long. Like everyone else in those long ago days, I always wore a suit and tie and Jean was always dressed up for our weekly trip to church. Easter dinner always included a baked ham. We always had a lot of fun with our Easter traditions.

The arrival of grandchildren changed our Easter celebrations. Sometimes it was our turn to have dinner, but we alternated with other in-laws. We started a new family tradition that has just recently ended: We had a family Easter egg hunt in the backyard. We put quarters in plastic eggs along with one special egg for each grandchild containing a $10 bill. The eggs were scattered around the backyard and the hunt was on. Yes, we had to work to make sure every grandchild received the same number of eggs and one “prize” egg. Now that the grandchildren are adults, that tradition has slipped into the realm of happy memories.

Easter egg hunts have always been a favorite of mine. I headed up Easter egg hunts in Mulvane, Carrollton, Mo., and here. It was exciting when the police siren sounded and the youngsters raced out to fill their sacks with plastic eggs, all containing prizes donated by Bonner Springs-Edwardsville Chamber of Commerce members. If you remember, the Kiwanis Club and the Junior High Leaders Club provided most of the manpower. I think the Chamber of Commerce made a mistake when they dropped the event, but I was glad to see the tradition re-started in 2013 by the Bonner Springs City Recreation Commission. Looking back, I think the volunteers had as much fun as the participants.

Over the years I have been involved in a variety of Easter events. Jean and I sponsored youth sunrise services for a few years when the girls were young. Now, getting up on a chilly morning at dawn can be delegated to the younger generation.

Yes, I have great holiday memories, and while our traditions have changed, I am looking forward to the weekend. I sincerely hope that you and your family have a wonderful and safe time. Oh, yes, take a few moments to remember the real reason for the season.


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