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Weekend a reminder that ‘all’s well that ends well’

May 11, 2015

Last week, I had a frustrating, busy and in many ways unique Saturday and Sunday. Let me just say that it was exasperating, but I learned one thing: I am addicted to my computer and not having it operable for a couple of days was very tough.

For some reason, my computer got a virus and began acting strangely. First, I don’t know what a computer virus is much less what to do about it. To me, computers are like car engines. I know how to turn them on and off. I can find the programs I use, but that is about it — I don’t speak or understand computer-ese. Like my car, I want the computer to swing into operation when I turn it on. When it doesn’t, I’m lost.

The virus caused the computer screen to jump and gyrate and rendered it useless. I was lucky in two respects. One, I sent my material to The Chieftain before the problems started. Second, Jean and I could fall back on the expertise of my son-in-law Don in Texas and my daughter Jill. After Jean called the computer help line, she quickly turned to the “family cavalry.”

I have got to tell you it was amazing watching the repair job. Jill was relaying the messages on the screen to Don by emailing pictures via smart phone. He relayed repairs back to Jill, who is fluent in the new language, and between them they were able to get things back to normal. Our computer has been cleaned of the virus, which is something I could never have done on my own. While the project was going on, I did all that I could to help, meaning I stayed out of the way. I have to admit the computer is a necessary part of modern life, and I missed it when it wasn’t available.

For example, I got up Sunday morning, and when the result of the Mayweather-Pacquio “fight of the century” wasn’t in the newspaper, I started toward the computer, only to remember it was on the “unable to perform” list. Yes, we used computers in the newspaper business, but they are antiques compared to modern technology. Everything has changed, and it’s good when it works. I’m fortunate to have family members who are experts and are willing to rescue me from the clutches of a computer virus.

That wasn’t my only electronic frustration, as part way through the Royals game on Sunday, I lost my cable signal. Fortunately, all I missed was an inning.

On the plus side, my Saturday started out in another “era.” You see that was the day of the Ag Hall of Fame Tractor Cruise. I moved from the computer age to admiring antique tractors as they headed out to lead the Marble Days parade. The tractors are really amazing restorations created by loving and talented people who want to keep history alive.

I arrived before 7 a.m. to open the building so volunteers could begin registering participants and handing out packets. For these volunteers it is a labor of love.

Shortly after that, Jean and I were on our way to Lawrence to see grandson Stan Skwarlo run for Wichita State at Rock Chalk Park. To me, watching a grandchild participate in an activity is always the highlight of the day.

When we got back home, I realized that I’m getting older. The days of racing to four or five events are probably in the past. With that said, I am just happy that I can still get around and still have challenging weekends. Shakespeare was right when he said, “all’s well that well that ends well.”


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