Basehor recognizes police officers, public works employee who helped arrest sex offender

From left, Basehor Police officers Joel Glavin and Lt. Robert Pierce, along with Austin Fisher, Basehor Public Works Department employee, were recognized for their work in apprehending a sex offender last year at Monday's Basehor City Council meeting. Officer Bob VanCleave, who was not able to attend the meeting, also was recognized. Enlarge photo

May 20, 2015

The Basehor City Council Monday recognized several members of the Basehor Police Department as well as a public works employee for their outstanding efforts in uncovering a crime that occurred in Basehor late last year.

The council recognized Austin Fisher, public works employee, and police officers Joel Glavin, Bob VanCleave and Lt. Robert Pierce for their work in identifying and arresting a sex offender in October 2014.

Upon starting his shift, Fisher found what he believed to be inebriated man sleeping in a public park. The man mumbled something about being in Basehor to see his 18-year-old girlfriend, giving a general location of her home. According to the man, they fought and he slept in the park.

Thinking something didn’t sound quite right, Fisher called the Basehor Police Department to handle the situation. Glavin, who was just ending his shift, answered the call. He found the intoxicated individual who again said he was in Basehor seeing his 18-year-old girlfriend. Following his instinct gut feeling that something wasn’t right, Glavin followed the suspect as he left Basehor.

Glavin shared this information with VanCleave, who agreed that something was amiss. VanCleave canvassed houses in the area that the suspect had specified, looking for anyone who may know the girlfriend of the intoxicated man from the park. After visiting several houses, he was able to locate a woman who said the “girlfriend” was her 12-year-old daughter.

Upon learning this, the suspect was apprehended and interrogated by Pierce. Police learned the man had had sex with the underage girl in her home while her parents were sleeping and uncovered text messages and photos of the underage girl on the man's phone.

“It is good to see justice brought in this case,” Police Chief Lloyd Martley said. “The subject is now serving a 15 year prison sentence on various charges related to this incident."

“Nothing would have happened without A.J. (Fisher), who originally discovered the subject," Pierce said. “Nothing would have happened because the victim wouldn’t have reported the crime. He saw something that didn’t fit into our community and acted on it.”

Council Member Vernon Fields, himself a former law enforcement officer from Los Angeles, also commended everyone associated with this case.

“I applaud the community and officers for their assistance in this case,” he said. “Without it, this case would have been much more challenging.”

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