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Bonner Good Samaritans return lost ring after discovering owner online

November 30, 2015

Thanks to some Good Samaritans, and the power of social media, a Bonner Springs business owner has her wedding ring back.

Jessica Sanchez, who owns Savvy Hair Salon, didn’t have much hope when she realized her wedding ring was lost at some point during a long day of running errands, which included stops in her home town of Shawnee, in Bonner Springs and at The Legends Outlets of Kansas City. Thankfully, an online plea for help connected her with Bonner Springs residents Leslie Surritte and her daughter, Kyah, who had found the ring at the Bonner Springs Price Chopper.

“I honestly didn’t think that I would see it again, I didn’t think someone would find it and give it back to me,” Sanchez said. “I’m just so blessed that someone like her found it.”

Sanchez took the ring off at the kitchen table to put some lotion on her hands, and then forgot to put it back on.

“I’m not sure why I took my ring off at that moment, because I never take it off for any reason,” she said.

Her husband, Domonic Sanchez, later saw it and set it aside so it wouldn't get lost. The next day, Nov. 22, the family was getting ready to go out for errands, and he put it in his pocket so he could give it back to Sanchez at some point during their excursion.

However, he couldn’t find a good time during the errands to give it back, and once they returned home, he realized that the ring was no longer with him. He’d put it in the same pocket as his cell phone, so it must have fallen out one of the times when he’d pulled out his phone.

Jessica Sanchez said they checked the car and then called each of the five places they stopped to see if it had been turned in, eventually also going to retrace their steps themselves at each location.

“I was just like oh my gosh, we’re never going to find it, because we went to so many stores that day,” she said. “My finger is so small (a size 4), no one could wear it, so I thought it would be sold in a pawn store.”

Still, she wrote out the story, posting it on Facebook Nov. 23, including several area “community swap” groups, and Craig’s List.

“By telling my story I hope that this will get passed around enough times on social media, that if someone does find my ring, they will know how to return it back to me,” she wrote.

Two days after making the post, she got a call from the Surrittes; Kyah noticed it lying on the pavement right in front of the store’s main door.

Leslie Surritte said she and Kyah discussed taking the ring to the store’s customer service desk but decided against it.

“I told her, someone somewhere will post something on social media, or we’ll hear about it somehow, because Bonner is such a small town,” she said.

Surritte then saw Sanchez’s message on one of the Facebook “swap” pages; the picture Sanchez posted was blurry, but the size 4 description made Surritte confident she had the right person.

Surritte said she and Kyah were happy to return a ring because they knew of the sentimental value it held, and Sanchez said she can’t believe her luck.

“I’m so glad that I posted my story everywhere or else she would have never found me,” Sanchez wrote in her Facebook update today. “It feels so good to have my ring back on my finger, because I felt so lost without it! If this post gets back to you both, I would like to say thanks again so much for returning my ring back to me and for being such good, honest people!”


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