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Bonner Springs to conduct sewer smoke tests next week

October 29, 2015

The Bonner Springs Utilities Department will conduct smoke testing on the sanitary sewers on Tuesday and Wednesday in the area east of N. Nettleton, west of K-7, and north of Spring Avenue, including the area north of Morse Avenue and south of Metropolitan.

Sanitary sewers located on Allcutt, Clark, Cornell, Cypress, Emerson, Glenwood, Murphy, Sheidley, Warner, North Nettleton and East Morse will be affected. The department performs this work to identify areas where additional water, especially during rain events, may be entering the sanitary sewer system. Locating these excessive flows into the city’s sanitary sewer system and making the necessary repairs will reduce operating costs at our pump stations and at the Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Homeowners in these areas are being advised that basement floor drains or any unused drains in homes or businesses should be filled with water prior to the day when the smoke testing is scheduled. Letters were sent to homeowners and businesses in the affected area.

During the testing, department staff will walk through the neighborhoods to attempt to detect any smoke surfacing over sewer line routes or from homes or businesses. Smoke rising from a residence would be from the plumbing roof vents, which are commonly installed on all buildings or from downspouts gutters that are improperly connected to the sanitary sewers.

Anyone within these areas and notices any smoke in their homes or business during the testing should call the Utilities Department at 422-8117 or City Hall at 422-1020. The smoke that is used is harmless; people should not panic if they notice smoke, just call as directed.


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