Judy Ann Jones Lake of the Forest, Kansas

Judy Ann Jones, 58, gave the world one last day of wit and sarcasm on Easter Sunday and passed away that evening, April 5, 2015. Born in San Diego, CA, Judy was raised in Wichita, KS, and attended Wichita West High School. She was very active in athletics, lettering numerous times. After high school she attended Kansas University and studied languages, amassing enough credits to graduate twice and become fluent in four languages. Judy was a Jayhawk fan her entire life and attended the 2008 basketball final to witness her alma mater win the national championship.

Judy was a unique individual and, as all her friends know, could be stubborn at times. In the 70’s she heated her home with wood and cooked gourmet meals on a wood stove to prove she could do it. After refusing to use computers when they were becoming popular, once she decided they were okay after all, she then embraced technology and went on to become an IT professional. On the other hand, Judy was an early adopter of social media, long before Facebook and Twitter, using it to further her knowledge and meet new friends. As an animal lover she became a vegan years before anyone knew what it was. Always a strong defender of social causes, Judy spoke her mind about what she believed was right, and followed up with actions.

Judy was a lover of good food and an excellent cook. She traveled to Europe six times, using her language skills to enhance her knowledge of foods from around the world. Judy was a member of the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts and Letters, and hosted their annual gathering in Kansas City in July of 2009 for over 100 people. She used her culinary knowledge to write about food and advised several young chefs who were starting some of Kansas City’s finest restaurants. Judy continued her love of cooking and eating good food her entire life.

Judy, from Lake of the Forest, Kansas is survived by her partner of 28 years, Nick Moos, her cats Sox and Woodstock, her brother Joe Jones of Bethany OK., and numerous friends from throughout the country. Judy was preceded in death by her mother, Barbara Gardner Jones of Wichita, KS. A celebration of life is being planned for mid-May at the Lake of the Forest clubhouse, date to be announced. If you wish to make a donation, please donate to the Judy A Jones, Lung Transplant Fund, c/o University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS.

*This obituary loving prepared by her partner Nick and friends, but if Judy was alive she would severely edit and redact this work. All of you who knew Judy know she would.

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