Who is your favorite president and why?

February 19, 2009

Nancy Johnson (Director, Bonner Springs Senior Center in ) says...

“My favorite is, without a doubt, John F. Kennedy. He brought youth, culture, political clout, charisma and a sense of renewal to America.”

Monica Sorenson (Bonner Springs High School student council president in ) says...

“Honestly, I haven’t lived to see many presidents, and I don’t have a favorite. However, I respect presidents like Truman who faced difficult situations and decisions.”

Gene Myracle, Jr. (Basehor City Superintendent in ) says...

“Never had a favorite. But any man who puts his face out there to solve this country’s issues at any given time, ‘hats off.’”


Ultraglide 10 years, 4 months ago on Who is your favorite president and why?

Franklin D Roosevelt saved the world and our nation. Even though most in this nation felt it was not our fight, without United States involvement in Europe, we would have no freedom today.


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