One year after being elected, has President Barack Obama done a good job?

November 12, 2009

Photo of Dustin Care

Dustin Care (Recreation coordinator for the Bonner Springs Parks and Recreation department in ) says...

Ask me in another three years. I think that he's realizing that change will take more time, and there's plenty of unresolved issues he has to figure out.

Photo of Christi Diggs

Christi Diggs (Basehor Aflac representative in ) says...

President Obama has done an OK job, all things considered. I think there are too many people expecting him to cure the world. I don't think that one leader from any single country can do that, especially one working in the mess that is Washington, D.C.

Photo of Crystal Swaan Blackdeer

Crystal Swaan Blackdeer (Leavenworth County Humane Society director in ) says...

President Obama's in a tough job, in tough times, and everything's harder than it first appears, especially when it comes to change. The presidential terms is four years for good reason. I think he's doing just fine.


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