What are your thoughts about the recent ban on texting while driving?

June 3, 2010

Photo of Nicole Gerken

Nicole Gerken (Account director of Pearcy Dunning Advertising and Public Relations in Bonner Springs) says...

“I agree with the ban. Texting is dangerous. If you must text, pull over. It’s not worth the loss of a life.”

Photo of Deb Taylor

Deb Taylor (Kramer and Associates certified public accountant Basehor Chamber of Commerce vice president in Basehor) says...

“I think it is a no-brainer. There is no way someone who is texting while driving is paying attention to the road. It really is basic common sense.”

Photo of Valarie Grant

Valarie Grant (Creative Promotions owner in Basehor) says...

“I think it should be banned, but so should putting on makeup, eating and yelling at your children in the back seat. All can be very hazardous while driving.”


ErikWood 11 years, 7 months ago on What are your thoughts about the recent ban on texting while driving?

I decided to do something about teen distracted driving after my three year old daughter was nearly run down right in front of me last fall by a texting driver. That incident changed me but I don’t hate texting. The way I see it, that would be like hating nightfall – 72% of teens text every single day - some over 3000 times a month. The texting drivers I spoke with, including teens and truckers, all said that laws and Big Brother type software devices that "lock down" their phones would not deter them at all. They feel their civil liberties slipping away. So I built a tool called OTTER for the individual to help manage their texting on their terms.

OTTER is a comprehensive text management system for the home, office and certainly, the highway. It has GPS based Parental Control Feature for teen drivers, a GPS Mode for adults who choose to use it and an Auto reply with unlimited customized responses. We are getting 4.5 to 5 star rating from the tech community and great response from teen groups and safety organizations. We have heard of teens and business people alike using OTTER to schedule their own "texting blackout periods" so they can get some focused work done without feeling disconnected from their social network. If a someone uses OTTER like this, then we think they will see the benefit of OTTER's road safety features. We are not going to stop until change hits our roads and not just our laws.

Best, Erik Wood, owner OTTER LLC http://www.OTTERapp.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_yS0V21CFg


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