What kind of season do you expect from the Chiefs this year?

September 17, 2010

Photo of Janet Crouch

Janet Crouch (Delaware Ridge Elementary PTO president in ) says...

“Though I’m not a big sports fan, I do support the Chiefs. I’m hopeful for a winning season, and an energized fan base can’t hurt.”

Photo of John Robison

John Robison (Owner of Roving Imp Theater and Coffee in ) says...

“The Chiefs and I have reached an understanding — they don't expect anything from me, and I don't expect anything from them. We stay out of each other’s way and try not to steal too much of the other’s audience. So far it’s working out fine.”

Photo of Pat Jeannin

Pat Jeannin (Assistant vice president of Union Equipment Finance LLC in ) says...

“I expect the Chiefs to go 8-8, and with a little luck they can make the playoffs.”


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