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Because some of the content on our websites is generated by users like you, we've established some ground rules for user behavior. Below is a summary of those ground rules, but our full Website Terms of Use Agreement always applies, and we strongly encourage you to read them.

  1. We reserve the right to alter or amend our Website Terms of Use Agreement at any time and to remove or ban any content or any user at our sole discretion.
  2. Do not hack, attack or copy our websites or services, or post any information on our websites that suggests or encourages how others may subvert or otherwise harm any of our websites or operations.
  3. We watch behavior on our websites and moderate that behavior as needed, but because of the volume of user participation, and staff limitations, we don't catch everything. If you find something on our websites that you believe is inappropriate, please report it to us by clicking the "Remove" button to flag it to our attention, or by contacting us here.

If you post any content—comments, events, links, photographs, videos, etc.—on our websites, the following rules apply:

  1. Anything you post on our websites is public. So make sure you're comfortable with the idea that anyone can view anything you post here.
  2. You are solely responsible for anything you post. By posting, you are affirming that you have a right to use the material and are obeying all copyright, privacy and other applicable laws and regulations. Do not copy material from other sources or otherwise post material for which you do not own the copyright or have not been granted the permission to post on our websites.
  3. You own the content that you create, but by posting that content to any of our websites, you give us a nonexclusive license to store, distribute or use that content in any way we deem fit.
  4. You may not post any content or use our services to do anything illegal or malicious. You are legally responsible for any libelous, defamatory or otherwise illegal content. If you post such content, you'll be responsible for indemnifying us against claims by third parties.
  5. The object of our comments section is to provide a forum for intelligent, relevant, civil discourse. Please keep the conversation moving forward in a polite and friendly fashion and tone. Treat others as you'd like to be treated. If you can't be polite—don't say it.
  6. If you see a comment or post that you believe is inappropriate, let us know by clicking the "Remove" button to flag it to our attention, or by contacting us here.
  7. We are under no obligation to provide anyone with a forum. We reserve the right to remove anything posted to the websites at our sole discretion. By using our websites and making comments or otherwise posting content, you are expected to follow these basic guidelines:
    1. Show respect to others. Personal attacks are not permitted, nor are attacks on groups of people.
    2. Do not use profanity, or disguise profanity by using symbols or misspellings.
    3. Do not engage in hate speech or name-calling.
    4. Do not accuse people of crimes for which they have not been convicted; otherwise your accusations may be deemed libelous.
    5. Do not make threats on our websites.
    6. You may not solicit on or through any of our websites.
    7. Don't post personal information about others. The only personal information you may post is your own, but we remind you that the information will be public if you do.
    8. Stay on topic. Unrelated posts or attempts to divert a comment thread to an unrelated subject may be removed.
    9. Comments are a privilege, not a right. If we believe you are not following the guidelines of conduct, we may remove your posts, or temporarily or permanently ban your account, at our sole discretion.
    10. If LJWorld bans you from the websites, for any reason, you may not return to the websites under any circumstances and you may not register under a different user name and/or account.

These are only examples, and we remind you that our full Website Terms of Use Agreement still applies.


If you sign up for email or text products from our website, in addition to our full Website Terms of Use Agreement, the following rules also apply.

We will not provide your email address to a third party (this excludes LJWorld's affiliates and partners) without your permission, nor do we spam our users. We may send you updates about your account, invite you to participate in surveys or contests, or send you occasional marketing material. You understand that by providing your email address to LJWorld, you consent to receive such email communications from LJWorld and/or its affiliates and partners. All such emails will provide you the opportunity to unsubscribe or opt out of any such emails in the future. Inquiries about this policy should be directed to

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Lawrence Marketplace

Lawrence Marketplace is an online directory of every business in Lawrence. In addition to the above rules of conduct and our full Website Terms of Use Agreement, a few specific guidelines apply specifically to Lawrence Marketplace.

  1. You may add your business to the directory and we encourage you to do so if you find that your business is not included in our listings. However, only real businesses located in our market coverage area are allowed. Our market coverage is Douglas County, Kansas.
  2. You need to provide a physical address (not a P.O. Box) to help us confirm that you're a real business, though you don't have to make your physical address public.
  3. Lawrence Marketplace attempts to provide a complete and up-to-date directory of all businesses in Lawrence. We will not remove a business listing unless that business has closed or requests to be removed from our directory.

Registered website users are allowed to review businesses included in Lawrence Marketplace. As with other user-contributed content, certain rules apply, and we reserve the right to remove review content at our sole discretion. In addition to the general guidelines for user-contributed content for our websites and our full Website Terms of Use Agreement, the following additional guidelines apply:

  1. Give an honest critique of your experience with a business.
  2. Stay on topic.
  3. "Fake" reviews are prohibited. A "fake" review is, for example, a business anonymously reviewing itself or a competitor.
  4. Do not solicit in your review.
  5. We reserve the right to remove any review at our sole discretion. We want to provide useful and honest customer reviews of local businesses as a service to the community. We allow businesses the opportunity to respond to reviews, which is usually the best course of action. Reviews may be removed if:
    1. The review is "fake", as described above.
    2. The review is spam or off-topic.
    3. The review reveals personal information.
    4. The review is libelous or defamatory. Keep in mind that reviews are valuable only if consumers are free to post both their good and bad experiences with a business. Simply saying that the experience was "bad" is not libel. Statements made in a review may be removed, but typically only if they are unrelated or unverifiable. You are legally responsible for any libelous or defamatory content.
    5. We may remove reviews that are outdated or if a business changes ownership.
    6. We may remove reviews for other reasons at our sole discretion.

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