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Newspaper served as vital link for area residents

This breaks my heart. Small towns need newspapers for all of the reasons listed by Clausie and more. Is there no hope of a web-based version? Surely advertising would cover any costs to maintain a virtual presence and to keep local news and happenings available to our community. I feel like this will have a bigger impact than anyone anticipates. So very sad.

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Wyandotte County fair adds go kart racing to events

JULY 21-25, not June.:-)

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Bonner to ask state for changes in K-7 plan

"a cereal malt beverage license for 7-Eleven"? Where is there a 7-11 in Bonner? Or is one of the local businesses owned by 7-11?

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New school lunches get B+ in USD 204

My 6th grader is much happier with the food choices and the improved taste/freshness of the food this year. That said, I also hear frequent reports of the school running out of main dishes/proteins. I am giving the food service department the benefit of the doubt that this is part of the learning curve, but we are a month into the school year and I hope this smooths out soon. Thank you for making positive changes--let's try to make sure all the kids benefit :-)
Dani Gurley

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