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The Bonner vs. Basehor "Like" Challenge

I couldn't get into a face book account for the Chieftain - I've been trying for weeks!

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Have you ever adopted a cat or dog from a shelter?

Our current dog, Walli (Walter) is a shelter pet from Ft. Leavenworth, and he is a major part of our family. When we go on vacation or go camping, he goes with us - he loves rides in the car & sitting around on "lazy days." My previous dog, Ivan, was from 7th St Vet and our dear cat, Rainey, was from a stray's litter who adopted my parent just before she delivered. My one "papered" dog, Patty, was a wonderful pet, but our other pets were just a wonderful. If there's a pet I find irresistible, I wouldn't hesitate to adopt from a shelter again!

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District to hire firm to provide food services

Although I, too, agree with purchasing locally, and I do NOT think we will lose accountability of foods because we will have the Cafeteria Director auditting foods and OUR cafeteria workers maintaining contact with the foods and our students, I can't help but wonder what this draught is going to do to the feasibility of this program. More than 80% of the area farmers' crops have been destroyed, and those with crops is looking to make as much as possible off of them to offset their loses. I doubt those farmers are willing to "make a deal" to provide for school lunches. Then where does the company's foods come from? THAT's when we have to watch for recalls, etc.

This is just a step-up from ordering pre-cooked, pre-fabbed foods from cafeteria-type food stuffs provider companies like SYSCO and the like. As long as no one's losing their jobs, I have no problem with this change - if I do later, my child will start taking his lunch. No prob.

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Fourth-graders present lunch tray alternatives

I, too, would like to commend the fourth graders for facing an issue that too long has been the unacknowledged "elephant" in the BSE lunchroom. When I visited, I couldn't believe a "Green" district like USD 204 would mindlessly toss so much poisonous material into the landfills DAILY!

The cost difference for the more environmental tray is less than 7.5c each. This difference could be largely offset by the Cold-Lunch Tuesdays savings. The rest of the expense could be covered by a two-cent raise on the lunch fees...or a check from the PTO or possibly a corporate sponsor.

The point is our children - our fourth graders - are stepping up and providing solutions for this problem today, before it becomes their even bigger problem tomorrow. Congratulations fourth graders for looking to a cleaner, brighter future! School Board, don't be short-sighted, don't let our students, down.

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