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Bonner superintendent addresses school funding cuts

A common ploy in politics: If I can't get the funds I want, make the people suffer.

For example, let's say a city council is having trouble operating within their budget. Do they trim exorbitant costs and get rid of their Iphones? Usually not. Instead, they run to the public with stories of "we're going to have to cut police and fire services." Scare the public, and they'll fork over the tax money. The same tactic is often true for education.

That being said, I was completely caught off guard with Mr. Brungardt's statement. In fact, following this story closely in other Kansas cities like Wichita, Topeka, Hutchinson, and the Johnson County school districts, I would dare say Mr. Brungardt is the ONLY administrator in the state of Kansas honest enough to admit that these shortfalls can easily be made up with existing cash overflows of 2014 SB111 funds.

I applaud Mr. Brungardt for being a responsible steward of our taxpayer dollars while maintaining the integrity of our children's education. Thank you, sir!

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Shelter in Kansas City won't house gay couples

Your AP article concerning the City Union Mission is leaving out some very important words which is either purposely dishonest or bad reporting. Your title: "Shelter in Kansas City won’t house gay couples" This is false. An accurate title would read "Shelter in Kansas City won't house gay couples together." The same mistake is made in the first paragraph. I'm not affiliated with that mission, and have never donated to them, but it irks me when journalists can't get a story right.

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Edwardsville city officials respond to fire concerns

In 2012, the latest year I could find, the average response time for KCKFD was 3:41.

This means the EFD, at their 3:18, could respond to a scene, microwave a Pop Tart, and still meet the "standards" of Bob Wing's KCKFD.

Not saying that the KCKFD guys are bad. Just that Bob Wing is a blowhard union thug.

Lying and scheming. Thankfully, our voters are enlightened to Bob and his buddies.

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Kansans to pay less than national average under Obamacare, report says

Premiums are usually the cheapest part of a healthcare plan.

Did anybody think to compare deductibles? max out-of-pocket?

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Kansas University professor receiving death threats over NRA tweet

Freedom of speech means freedom from prosecution. It does not mean freedom from accountability.

The professor made those comments on his twitter feed where he identifies himself as a professor of KU but does not note that he is not writing in that capacity. That violates KU's rules of conduct unless KU supports those comments, which it has made known that it is vehemently opposed.

It's ironic to note that this so-called communications professor is claiming that his quote was misinterpreted, or in other words, poorly communicated.

A more accurate and less liberally slanted headline would read:

Kansas University professor receiving death threats over death threat

Call it what it is, editors.

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Appraiser to photograph county properties

There's this thing called Google Streetview. It's free.

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Attorney General Holder tells Brownback new gun law is unconstitutional


Eric Holder, the dirtbag who knowingly let hundreds of illegal weapons get smuggled into Mexico that later were responsible for the deaths of countless Mexicans and at least 1 American officer, has an issue with gun laws.

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Council disagrees over leadership positions

Since the Chieftain services multiple communities, it would be beneficial either in the title or in the body of the article to mention what city this is in reference to.

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Mayoral candidates spar at council meeting

Uhmmm, peggbt, hate to make you look like a fool, but it was a former mayor that set the time limit.

Ok, I take it back. I don't hate it.

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