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Applying Local SEO Solutions To Enhance Your Online Marketing

by wedding photographers oklahoma

Google Places is really a relatively new add-on to the business marketing tool set, but it has definitely increased in relevance in the last couple of years.

If you want to enhance the awareness of your Google Places account there are some distinct tactics that you should apply.

To help you get started we have detailed a number of these below - start employing these as early as you can and you should have the ability to give the Google Places listing a great advantage over your competition.


For local SEO, any reviews which exist on the web which are related to your business may supply a lift to the rankings for your Google Places listing.

There are a couple of ways you can obtain these testimonials.

The first is at other people's websites. There are various internet sites that really encourage their members to provide reviews about local businesses to help various other consumers make decisions about where to shop.

The second area where you are able to get reviews for your small business is right on the Google Places listing.


The more details you add in the Google Places listing the better.

One of the things you can include are pictures. The kind of photographs you add depends on your business but could include merchandise images, images of your retail outlet etc.

You can add as many as 10 photographs in your account and it only takes you a minute or two to upload them so you may as well take advantage of that feature and upload as many photos that you can to truly make your listing get noticed.


It's become extremely easy during the last few years to make online videos used to in promoting your small business.

You may create them using easy software packages and store them at no cost at websites like Youtube.

Inside your Google Places listing you may provide links to your videos. By including in some videos the listing isn't only likely to be in a better position to obtain excellent rankings, you can also supply individuals with good information regarding your business and exactly what you provide.

Among the benefits associated with Google Local is that it's free of charge - your Google listing is more than likely currently in place merely awaiting you to show up and validate that you're the owner of the business.

Then you can begin carrying out the task of understanding local search engine optimization so your Google Places listing will get an increasing number of visitors over time.

When the marketing and advertising is provided for free you might as well reap the benefits of it.

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