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How do i Accelerate My Computer Almost Free of charge - Increase PC Performance in Just Minutes

If you work on computer for long hours per day and obtain much more tired because of slow performance of your computer, then you need not worry now. There are multiple things you can do about speed of the computer. Increased speed wouldn't only save your time and energy but additionally allow you to pay the electricity bills as you wouldn't be wasting any power due to slow performance. If you wish to know 'How can one speed up my computer' then read ahead and you would become familiar with various methods as well as tricks that you can use to improve PC performance in just minutes.

software to speed up pc

First off defragment your hard disk drive, Windows page file in addition to registry.
Delete the temporary files regularly and also keep the trash can clean.
Many startup programs which you don't use frequently must be switched off. You can use 'MSCONFIG utility' for disabling the startup programs.
Search indexing service in Windows XP/ Vista is automatically switched on and you can turn off indexing to increase performance of the PC.
Fancy visual effects can be switched off (Performance Options)
If you are looking for response to 'How can one accelerate my computer' you'll be able to clean registry; remove broken shortcuts/ missing DLLs/ invalid paths, installer references etc. you can download free registry cleaners online.
Keep your PC free of Spyware because they dramatically lessen the speed of your PC. You can download programs that remove Spyware instantly
Remove unwanted software or disable unnecessary services/ settings/ programs to hurry your computer
Delete Internet history and cookies
Disabling XP boot logo, reducing quantity of fonts that load during startup, unloading DLLs to free RAM improves performance. And disabling unused ports also accelerates boot time.
All these points serve as response to the question 'How can I speed up my computer'. Other than these disable search of network files/ printers and Vista thumbnails cache.
Vista performance can be improved by using Ready Boost and Vista Services Optimizer can be used to disable the unnecessary services.

how can my pc run faster

Add more RAM
Run Windows Disk Cleanup utility every few days.
Clean mouse/ keyboard and fans regularly to clean dust buildup.
Slow hard-drive should be replaced with a faster one
Perform virus scan regularly on your PC
Remove unnecessary toolbars from Windows taskbar
Bad sectors on hard disk must be removed.

Fundamental essentials stuff that arrived at my mind after i think about 'How can I accelerate my computer'. There has to be some other options also; you can try these to increase PC Performance in minutes.


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