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The Bonner vs. Basehor “Like” Challenge

The Chieftain wanted to inspire a little friendly, community rivalry.

The Chieftain and the Basehor Sentinel recently combined into one print product, but we still have individual websites, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages dedicated to sharing news for only that community. So on July 15, we began the Bonner vs. Basehor “Like” challenge.

At that time, The Chieftain had 305 “likes” and the Sentinel had 379 (and Basehor’s population is only 40 percent of the combined population of Bonner Springs and Edwardsville.) We asked our page followers to share the status announcing the challenge and encourage their Facebook friends to “Like” The Chieftain’s page, help us surpass Basehor and improve our connection to the community.

The challenge runs through the end of the month to see who will come out on top. Below are the updates we’ve posted on Facebook since then, which give our followers a few reasons why we think we should get more “likes.” Help us out with the challenge by liking The Chieftain at

Update 1 (July 16):

Thanks for your response yesterday! Just thought we'd let you know, the Sentinel issued a counter-challenge yesterday to stay ahead of Bonner in its like count. In the first 24 hours, The Chieftain got 30 additional likes; the Sentinel got just 10. But that means we still need 54 more likes to catch up with them. We hope to do more than that — we'd like to beat Basehor by the end of the month!

So please continue to share our "challenge" statuses when you can and encourage friends to "like" The Chieftain. We’ll try not to be annoying, but we will post periodic updates through Aug. 1 to see who came out on top.

A quick reminder of the facts that lead us to believe The Chieftain and Bonner Springs should be beating Basehor handily:

Populations as of 2011: Basehor – 4,692; Bonner – 7,346 (plus The Chieftain also covers Edwardsville, pop. 4,360). And, of course, The Chieftain shares lots of great news about your community that we’d love to share with more of those 11,700 or so community residents, and beyond!

Update 2 (July 19):

In the five days since the challenge began, The Chieftain has gotten 51 new likes. Welcome to the newcomers! We hope you are enjoying the community news we share here, and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see us cover at 913-232-6511 or

But remember, the Sentinel issued a counter-challenge and has gotten 19 additional likes. At the time of this post, the like count stands at Bonner: 356, Basehor: 398. We’ll see who stands on top on Aug. 1, but we’d like to issue an additional challenge — Basehor may surpass 400 before Bonner will, but can The Chieftain get to 450, or maybe even 500, “likes” first? In the next 10 days?!?!

That’s a lot of likes. So we hope you share this status with your Facebook friends and encourage them to “like” The Chieftain. As we previously stated, Basehor’s population is only 40 percent of the combined populations of Bonner Springs and Edwardsville, so we know there are plenty of Bonner Braves fans still out there.

Here’s another factoid: The Chieftain has been covering this community for roughly 117 years, longer than Bonner has been a city. The Wyandotte Chieftain was established in May 1896 by Ed Matthews, and two years later adopted the name Bonner Springs Chieftain, just prior to the incorporation of Bonner Springs as a city of the third class in 1898. We like to think we’re still doing a pretty good job, and we want to share the news with you. Thanks for your help!

Update 3 (July 22):

Alright, Bonner Braves — we’ve had 12 additional likes since Friday (to total 368) in The Chieftain’s challenge to meet – and beat – our sister site, The Basehor Sentinel, in the total number of Facebook likes we each have. Not as big of a gain as last week’s 51 new likes, but we’ll take it! Especially considering the Sentinel actually lost a “like” over the weekend; they were at 398 Friday and now have 397.

Both of us are very proud of our sister paper, The Tonganoxie Mirror. We’ve made some comparisons of Basehor and Bonner’s populations vs. our total “likes,” so here’s an amazing factoid: Tongie’s population is 5,065, and The Mirror has 1,087 likes! That’s one “like” for every 4.66 people in the town.

Given that ratio, since Bonner’s population is estimated at 7,346, we should be capable of 1,576 likes (and that’s not even counting Edwardsville). But we don’t want to be greedy. We’d be quite happy to just beat out the Sentinel and possibly even hit 450 by the end of the month. Share this status to help us keep this friendly community rivalry going and improve our connection to the Bonner Springs, Edwardsville and USD 204 communities. And if there's news you'd like to see us cover and share, let us know. Thanks for your help!

Update 4 (July 26):

We are catching up to Basehor, slowly but surely — but fast enough to beat them by Aug. 1?? We've only got about five more days to beat the Basehor Sentinel's "like" count, everybody!!! The count currently stands at Bonner: 375, Basehor: 399. We'd love to make some major gains over the weekend, with your help!

We ran a photo earlier this month that was a perfect example of how the Bonner and Basehor communities often overlap. Members of the McGraw family gathered in June at Holy Angels Church in Basehor to dedicate a bench in honor of their brother, Daniel McGraw, who died in the Korean War. Daniel was a Basehor High School graduate, a member of the Knights of Columbus Council 3146 and Bonner's VFW Post 6401, and served in the US Army, 2nd Infantry Division until he was killed in action Sept. 3, 1951, in North Korea. Five of his seven suriving siblings attended the dedication. Pictured with the bench were Leo McGraw and Marion Hoffman, both of Kansas City, Kan.; Gene McGraw and Dorothy Miller, both of Bonner Springs; and Bob McGraw of DeSoto.

This is why it is great to share news of both communities in our combined print product. HOWEVER, if you want news dedicated to ONLY Bonner Springs, then our website, Facebook page and Twitter account are for you! Please share this status and encourage your friends to "like" The Chieftain so we can beat Basehor by the end of the month!

July 24, 2013

Heard in Bonner


Rondart 6 years, 2 months ago

I couldn't get into a face book account for the Chieftain - I've been trying for weeks!


Caroline Boyer 6 years, 2 months ago

I am not sure what to tell you. When I go to, it takes me right to the page — and this is before I have signed in on Facebook, so it's not just recognizing me as one of the page's administrators. If you are logged into your personal Facebook, you can do a search for "The Chieftain." It's one of the things that frustrates me about Facebook, but if you search for "Bonner Springs Chieftain," we aren't one of the first things that pops up. Hope that helps, and if not, contact me at 913-232-6511 and we'll try to figure it out. Thanks for trying!


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