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District Predictions

Italics indicated playoff berth

Class 6, District 1

  1. SM East, 3-0 (W Harmon, W Wyandotte, W SM North)

  2. SM North, 2-1 (W Wyandotte, W Harmon, L SM East)

  3. Wyandotte, 1-2 (L SM North, L SM East, W Harmon)

  4. Harmon, 0-3 (L SM East, L SM North, L Wyandotte)

Class 6, District 2

  1. SM Northwest, 3-0 (W SM West, W Blue Valley North, W SM South)

  2. SM West, 2-1 (L SM Northwest, W SM South, W Blue Valley North)

  3. SM South, 1-2 (L Blue Valley North, L SM West, L SM Northwest)

  4. Blue Valley North, 0-3 (L SM South, L SM Northwest, L SM West)

Class 5, District 3

  1. St. James, 3-0 (W Mill Valley, W Turner, W Bonner Springs)

  2. Mill Valley, 2-1 (L St. James, W Bonner Springs, W Turner)

  3. Bonner Springs, 1-2 (W Turner, L Mill Valley, L St. James)

  4. Turner, 0-3 (L Bonner Springs, L St. James, L Mill Valley)


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